Become a Korus Community Connector

Become a Korus Community Connector

As a Korus Community Connector, you provide an important service to the community and it’s crucial that you are supported in your role. You will be supported by Korus Connect, which has been offering school chaplaincy services since 1955.

We are expanding our services into other community contexts through the development of Korus Community Connectors. We have the size, experience and organisational infrastructure needed to manage our community support services so you can focus on sharing your gift with the world through Korus Connect.

Korus Connect currently operates more than 270 School Chaplaincy and Wellbeing programs in schools in Victoria and New South Wales, offering pastoral care to more than 160,000 young people, school staff and people in the wider community.

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Qualifications and Selection Criteria

What to expect with Korus Connect

Support and Fundraising

We understand that Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains are among our greatest assets. We go to great lengths to ensure you have the tools to perform your job to the highest level.

With Support Groups, you’ll get encouragement from your community supporters to help keep you motivated and going strong. We also raise funds through various channels, including through Chaplaincy and Wellbeing Support Groups.

School Chaplains

School Chaplains work as part of the school’s Wellbeing Team. Together you work towards achieving the best outcomes for students and their families.

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Korus Community Connectors

Korus Community Connectors work in partnership with others committed to the wellbeing of their communities and become a conduit for connecting people with relevant supportive agencies. Some of the presenting issues that you may encounter include loneliness, family breakdown, mental health concerns, homelessness, and a general lack of meaning and purpose.

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Where you’ll work

The place of employment is a conversation between the Korus Community Connector, Korus Connect, and the leaders of the relevant school or broader community context.

Your key areas of impact are:

  • Loneliness
  • Grief and Loss
  • Economic hardship
  • Lack of meaning and purpose