Chaplaincy and Wellbeing Support groups

Korus Connect Chaplaincy & Wellbeing Support Groups

As a Korus Community Connector or School Chaplain, it’s your instinct to take care of others.

But you also understand the importance of connecting with peers and your community. This is why Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains value regular Chaplaincy and Wellbeing Support Groups.

These groups provide moral and financial support for Korus Connect School Chaplains and Korus Community Connectors.

Support Groups Help You

  1. Support Groups involve the community in your work – Support groups offer an opportunity for community members to be involved in the work you are doing.
  2. Support Groups provide funding for your work – the groups offer community members the opportunity to get involved and raise funds.

Funding Through Support Groups

Here’s just one success story about how a support group raises funds for Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains.

This particular support group in the southeast of Melbourne was so successful at raising funds for one Chaplain that they were also able to give funds to another Chaplain after fundraising for only a year!

This group meets four times a year and raises funds in three ways; a local trust through applications, a local opp shop and one fundraising dinner a year.

The school community is deeply impacted by the work of the support group and is dependent on the funds they raise to employ the Chaplain who impacts the lives of the families in the school.