Our Korus Community Connectors & School Chaplains

At Korus Connect, we value our Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains. Without them, we would only accomplish a fraction of what we do. With people like you behind the scenes and serving the community, we can accomplish great things.

Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains work in schools and communities in Victoria and NSW offering pastoral care to more than 160,000 young people, school staff and people in the wider community.

Chaplaincy and Wellbeing Support groups

As a Korus Community Connector or School Chaplain, local support, pastoral care and financial sustainability are vital. Chaplaincy and Wellbeing Support Groups exist to provide encouragement from your community supporters and raise awareness and funds.

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Become a Korus Connect Chaplain

As a Korus Community Connector, you have an opportunity to build relationships and provide pastoral care to those struggling to cope with such challenges as social, mental and family issues.

We support and place skilled professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experience. Find out what requirements and qualifications you need to become a Korus Community Connector or School Chaplain.

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Positions Available

Korus Connect is the largest employer of Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains in Victoria, working in more than 270 schools and communities. The challenges faced by people in our communities are becoming increasingly complex.

We need you and the gifts you have to make a difference for individuals and families in our communities. Find out more about available positions.

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Why Become a Korus Community Connector or School Chaplain?

Work with Victoria’s largest employer of School Chaplains

You chose to become a School Chaplain or Korus Community Connector because of your desire to help others. Stay true to your passion by being part of the solution to the challenges faced by our communities. With Korus Connect, you’ll work directly with communities, families, individuals, and students in one or more of our 270+ schools and communities.

Comprehensive Training

Korus Connect has one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry, and it doesn’t stop on the first day of the job. We work with our Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains throughout their careers to ensure that they are well supported and connected with one another.

A Rewarding Career

There’s nothing like being able to say, “I truly helped someone today.” And that’s likely what you’ll often be able to say during your career with Korus Connect. Issues every community faces, like bullying, mental illness, and family breakdown, are complex. They won’t be solved in a day, but you can feel good knowing that you’re making a difference.