Community Connection

Korus Connect: Let's Work Together

Every community can use someone to turn to for advice on important issues, such as spirituality, ethics, values, and personal matters. Korus Community Connectors are trained to fill that role. Along with Chaplains, they provide pastoral care to communities, schools, universities, hospitals, military units, and industrial enterprises. They work as a link that connects community members with other community members, services, and organisations. They work to bring out the best in those with whom they journey. This is how they inspire positive change.

How does a Korus Community Connector work?

Korus Community Connectors understand that the individual is a part of the community, and they work to make improvements for the common good of everyone. They work in partnership with others seeking to enhance community connectedness.

How a Korus Community Connector Helps Community Programs

  1. Connects individuals to service providers – This may include referring people to services or linking them into friendship groups; advocating for local candidates to potential employers; working with community services to form hubs of care; taking on specific projects to facilitate local community change or renewal.
  2. Creates lasting relationships – Korus Community Connectors walk alongside the individual as they journey through life.
  3. Uses community resources to address underlying issues – Korus Community Connectors go deeper into the lives of individuals to uncover underlying issues that may be impacting current behaviours and attitudes. They then connect the individual with relevant services within the community.
  4. Works with people of all faiths and none – Our Community Connectors have a working knowledge of relevant theology, community development methodology, and interpersonal skills which enable them to work with people of all faiths and none.

How to Get Started

Each community environment is unique and we’d love to talk with you about how a Korus Community Connector may help your community.

Register your interest and we’ll contact you.