Looking for Ways to Support Your Community?

At Korus Connect, we are all about building strong communities. We are known for our work within school communities through School Chaplaincy, but did you know that we also do important work to support local government and not-for-profit organisations?

We are committed to providing Korus Community Connectors, support services and training for non-profits, local government and others wanting to care for and strengthen their community.

Community Connection

As local governments and other agencies care for their communities, they are faced with a mixture of issues such as family breakdown, mental illness, unemployment, and bullying.
By working closely with Councils and other community-based organisations throughout Victoria, we can help tackle these issues and work together for the common good of our communities.

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Many churches are looking to strengthen the connection with their local communities so that they may serve them better.
Korus Connect has experience, training, and resources to help local churches partner more intentionally with their local communities so as to see people inspired, supported and whole.

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Korus Solutions

Korus Solutions is about partnering with new and emerging organisations to give a helping hand. It provides cost-effective support in the areas of Human Resources, Financial Management and Reporting, physical shared office space and much more. Korus Solutions will partner with like-minded agencies to support communities and will be available in early 2018.

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Why Partner with Korus Connect?

We have been providing Chaplaincy services since the 1950s, so have skills and experience providing pastoral care to many members of Victorian communities. We are currently the largest provider of School Chaplaincy in Victoria.

Compliance, administration, and safety are all part of Korus Connect’s suite of skills and experience. We can help other like-minded community-focussed organisations to deliver excellent services to their local communities.

Churches can partner with Korus Connect so that together we may impact local communities for good. Together we can train, equip and resource staff and volunteers as we work to help connect people with their purpose and full potential.