It takes a village, as they say, to raise a child. To enhance the support and guidance you are giving at home, consider involving a School Chaplain for support at school and in the community. Korus Connect School Chaplains help students work through issues, boost self-esteem and make constructive decisions.

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How Korus Connect Can Help Your Child

As parents, you want to guide your child’s moral and social development as much as possible. Our role is not to take over this responsibility but to help guide your child in making good decisions and having a positive impact on the community.

Instilling Positive Life Values

Too often, local and world news is filled with negativity and can leave you feeling a sense of despair, but that’s not the picture we want to paint for our young people. Korus Connect programs promote positive thinking and action, as well as healthy social and emotional learning.

Renewing a Child’s Sense of Meaning, Purpose and Hope

Young people can benefit from gaining a renewed sense of meaning and purpose, but even the youngest of children can sometimes feel lost. Korus Connect’s programs build value in oneself, resilience skills and confidence for the future.

Helping Students Find Their Safe Space

Your child deserves to feel safe at school at all times. Whether a child is dealing with bullying, insecurity or an identity crisis, they need someone they can talk to about their problems in school and at home. Korus Connect School Chaplains provide safe places for young people and a trusted listening ear.