They say that it takes a village to raise a child and there is a lot of truth to that statement. Your child will have both home and outside influences that shape who they become. Let those influences be good ones.

When you consent for your child to engage with a School Chaplaincy service, they will have an additional person they can trust on their side. Korus Connect School Chaplains are there to help students navigate issues such as bullying, peer pressure, and depression and anxiety. They can also help answer faith questions your children may ask.

School Chaplains are there to work with you, reinforcing the positive values that you as a parent have instilled in your child.

Your School Chaplain also helps build connections between your child and their community. The level and scope of connection will vary depending on your child’s needs and interests but may include things like volunteering or getting involved in a group at the school.

How Chaplaincy Can Help Your Child

In your child’s formative years, influence is everything. School Chaplains are trained to help your child deal with a wide range of issues in a productive way.

Here’s how School Chaplains help:

Addressing Behavioural Issues

Talking back to teachers, skipping class and hanging out with students who are known to cause trouble may be seen as rebellion, but these behaviours may also be signs that your child is crying out for help. Our School Chaplains are trained to identify and address such issues before they escalate.

Helping Navigate Social Relationships

No matter how many friends your child has, he or she is likely to experience some level of loneliness or bullying while at school. Korus Connect School Chaplains can give your child the tools needed to navigate social situations while managing their emotions.

Encouraging Families To Be Their Best

Every family experiences times that are harmonious, as well as moments that aren’t as happy. Each moment can have an impact on children, especially in the formative years. School Chaplains work with you and your child to help address any underlying issues that may be affecting them.

Fostering Self Development

Every moment is a teachable one. Whether your children are dealing with issues or not, Korus Connect School Chaplains can help students find their sense of purpose. Talking to a School Chaplain can help improve your child’s self-esteem and improve mental health.

Making Community Connections

Your child needs the community as much as the community needs them. Korus Connect School Chaplains are trained to identify programs and opportunities within the community that would be beneficial to your child.

Why Choose Korus Connect Chaplains for Your Child

Investing in School Chaplaincy for your child with Korus Connect is a lot like investing in his or her future. Choose the Chaplaincy experts with experience and a solid reputation.

  1. Korus Connect School Chaplains undergo extensive training – They must have a minimum of a Cert IV in Youth Work, Pastoral Care or equivalent. Before being endorsed they must have competency in CHCCS016 (Respond to client needs) and CHCMHS001 (Work with people with mental health issues or equivalent units).  They also participate in ongoing Professional Development.
  2. Korus Connect School Chaplains are connected with your community – Relating to the community is a large part of what our School Chaplains do, and as such, they have connections and are aware of opportunities that can get your child involved.
  3. Korus Connect School Chaplains are trained to make a difference – Expect to see a positive difference in your child after he or she has worked with a Chaplain for a few months. Many parents report remarkable improvements in mood and behaviour.