School Chaplaincy Services

Students are facing more complex pressures and issues than ever before. Our School Chaplains, as part of the Wellbeing team, provide ongoing holistic care that impacts beyond the school gate, benefiting families and the community at large.

School Chaplains provide unique support because they come from a faith perspective. Why is this significant? Research indicates a strong positive correlation between wellbeing and having a religious faith.

Being a person of faith opens up the possibility of conversations that include the spiritual health of the individual, a significant component of overall wellbeing.

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How Korus Connect Can Help Your School

Helping Students Find Their Safe Space

Every child should feel safe at school. Whether they are dealing with bullying, insecurity or issues at home, someone to talk to is an important part of providing a safe space.

Korus Connect School Chaplains help students find that safe place at school as a trusted listening ear.

Bringing Students Back to Balance with a Holistic Approach

Growing up is hard. For many young people, curveballs are part of their world. They desperately need people in their lives to help them address their core issues. Korus Connect School Chaplains provide students with a safe place to talk through the issues and find balance.

Building a Sense of Community

Schools act as community hubs; they are places where children, young people, and their families find connection. Through our holistic approach, Korus Connect brings people together to help build and strengthen communities.

Our School Chaplains encourage students to be part of their community through programs and events. This helps them connect to something beyond themselves, building happy, healthy and resilient kids.