School Chaplaincy

Care for Students and Their Wider Communities

A 2009 study of chaplaincy effectiveness for government schools undertaken by Edith Cowen University on behalf of the National School Chaplaincy Association found that,

“Asked about the most important contribution chaplains had made, most principals wrote of how they provided pastoral care in a non-judgmental way. Secondly, they spoke of modelling and teaching moral values and thirdly in creating and nurturing ties with the community.”

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Korus Connect School Chaplains care for students and staff within the school setting, as well as impacting the wider community. School Chaplains facilitate relationship building, small group program delivery and programs to improve wellbeing outcomes for young people.

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How School Chaplaincy Can Benefit Your School

The way young people learn to handle challenges in their formative years has a lasting impact on their lives. Our Korus Connect School Chaplains are trained to help students deal with a wide range of issues in a productive way.

Some of the things that School Chaplains deal with include:

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Managing Student Behaviour

When students exhibit dangerous or rebellious behaviour, it is often a cry for help. It can be one of the first signs of underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Our School Chaplains help identify these underlying issues and work with students, equipping them to make better behavioural choices.

Addressing Social Relationship Issues

Issues like anger, loneliness, and bullying touch students lives. Our School Chaplains are trained to help them navigate through these tricky social situations without feeling isolated and alone.

Addressing Family Relationship Issues

When there is an imbalance in the home, it can affect every part of a student’s life, including their relationships at school and their schoolwork. Korus Connect School Chaplains work with students to identify and address issues at home that may be having a negative impact on their lives.

Encouraging Self-Development

School Chaplains are not only helpful when issues are present. They can also help students realise and maintain a sense of purpose. Regular talks with their Chaplain can help boost self-esteem and may improve mental health overall.

Boosting Community Involvement

When students are involved in their communities they are more likely to become active members of society. By encouraging community involvement at the student level, Korus Connect School Chaplains help connect students to their own communities.

Addressing Issues of Social Inclusion and Racism

Adults often forget how difficult it can be to be a young person. Feelings of being left out can be crushing to a child’s self-esteem. It can be even more confusing and damaging when racism is involved. Our School Chaplains are proactive about addressing these things before they become issues that affect school work.

“… child’s attitude to school improved to the point of regularly attending school …”

A child who was refusing to attend school worked with the Chaplain. Over a number of months, the child’s attitude to school improved to the point of regularly attending. The Chaplain was invited to the final school assembly for that year and was blown away when this child received numerous awards for their effort and improved outcomes.

Why Choose Korus Connect for Your Chaplaincy Service

Parents and teachers of students who engage with Korus Connect School Chaplains have found that there are many benefits to the service.

  1. Korus Connect School Chaplains are prepared to help students navigate through any issues they may face.
  2. Well trained and equipped – To gain endorsement as a Korus Connect School Chaplain, applicants are required to have a minimum of a Cert IV in Youth Work, Pastoral Care or equivalent. Chaplains must also complete several other steps before being endorsed: complete a face-to-face interview, have relevant experience and they MUST have competency in CHCCS016 Respond to client needs and CHCMHS001 Work with people with mental health issues or equivalent units.
  3. Connected to local resources and services – Because their work is so focused on community development, Korus Connect School Chaplains have ties to local resources and services that can be helpful to students. Chaplains can recommend opportunities and services that would be beneficial to individual students.
  4. Are there to serve, protect and help – This is the entire reason why our School Chaplains became Chaplains in the first place. They are committed to helping students and their communities and as such, they take their jobs very seriously.