Providing support for those who need it most

Too many in our communities are feeling disconnected. Too many children are facing adult issues alone. Our mission at Korus Connect is to create transformational and collaborative movements of individuals and organisations that are passionate about fostering communities of hope, where people feel safe and connected. We want to see vibrant, connected communities

We want to see vibrant, connected communities where individuals and families are thriving. Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains are passionate about walking with and helping individuals, families, students and school communities.

Your donation will help us provide more Korus Community Connectors and School Chaplains so that we can partner with schools, local government and organisations to support people and in turn, build strong and caring communities.

Partner with us as we partner for community.

In all fundraising, all funds raised will be allocated to the advertised or communicated purpose. In the event of over-subscription, in any given fundraising appeal, funds are to be held in trust for the express purpose as prescribed in the campaign. Where possible, donors are notified before reallocation of funds.

Your help made an impact

Thank you Korus Connect... I am humbled by the opportunity to journey with students in the ups and downs of life.

Korus Connect School Chaplain